Fuel / Petrol Credit Card

Which Credit Card Is Good For Petrol / Fuel Purchase?

Paying with cash is common among Filipinos, especially when they refuel their car tank. However, if you’re a transporter who is always on the road traveling in and out of places in Philippine such as the Metro Manila, then I’d suggest that you consider making settlement of your fuels using your credit card, so far you’re knowledgeable on how to best maximize your card’s rebates and discounts.

Also, having a profound understanding of which particular credit cards give discounts, and fuel rebates on car services and toll fees can go a long way to help you manage your fuel expenses annually. Meaning, you could also tap into this knowledge if you’re planning to make an application for a credit card, as this will help you decide which one to choose and which one you shouldn’t.

And today, we’ll be discussing the best card for fuel purchase. However, we can’t proceed without first spotting out the three largest oil companies in the Philippines, which are, Petron, Caltex, and Shell. Now, the best part about these oil companies is that they are not just oil merchandise, but also have a little exhibition of banking services, shown in the existence of their credit cards.

So now we back to the question, which card is best for fuel purchase in the Philippines?

BPI Petron Mastercard

If you have this card, with your name written on it, then I’ve got great news for you. Now, did you know that, other than the low annual fee, which is associated with this credit card, your first year will be waived? Well, as welcome or introductory gift, you’ll get Php200 worth of fuel at any Petron stations closest to you, once you received your card. Now, here is the logic. As soon as you use your card to refuel fuel, you’ll receive a 3% rebate, too. In other words, with this card, you can receive a free full tank of fuel every year based on the 3% rebate. If you should calculate that correctly, that rebate percentage will save you almost P1.50 per liter.

Now, let’s have a more realistic approach. From the above calculation, if your vehicle consumes up to 40 liters every week, having to refuel your vehicle’s tank using Petron XCS Plus, will cost about Php47 per liter. However, you shouldn’t forget that the figures may change depending on the present price of fuel at the time of purchase at Petron stations. It keeps getting even better with this card because if you’d love to extend this rebates to your family member, you can get a supplementary Petron card for your family member, and just, as usual, the annual fee will be waived permanently. So, if you’re living in the Philippines, and you’re probably a motorist or transporter whose often on the road traveling places around the country, it’d be wise for you to get a BPI Petron Mastercard, as it is the best in terms

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