Best Credit Cards In Philippines

What Credit Cards Should I Apply For?

In regards to credit cards, the one you should go for, shouldn’t be handpicked for you. In other words, for you to know which one is best for you, you must assess what it is, you’re looking to achieve.

Thus, are you getting the credit card to use it for E- shopping? Or is it basically for your family? If it doesn’t fall under any of these two types of cards, then you’re probably planning to use it for travel. Whatever the case may be, your needs will most likely fall amongst these three purposes. And it’s after you’ve known what you’ll be using it for, only then will you be able to know what card to apply for. So starting from E- shopping, which is the best in the Philippines.

Robinsons Bank DOS Platinum Mastercard

If you’re looking to get the best out of your shopping experience in the Philippines using a credit card, without having to pay annual fees, then this card is all you need. Going at an interest rate of 3.5% (for E- settlements under the total amount due or least amount owing), a cash advance fee of 9% on the amount withdrawn, a late settlement fee of P600, and an account maintenance of P50/month, the Robinson Platinum card, automatically swaps all transactions and settlements into two months’ instalments.


Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard

The best thing about this credit card is that you’ll get to enjoy tons of rebates from purchases you make using this card. These rebates cover, 5% on your grocery shopping using the card, 4% on gas purchases (5% if your gas is being filled up on Sea Oil), 3% on utility settlements, 2% of these rebates on dining, 1% on shopping. While using this card, you will be opportune to enjoy up to Php12,000 in total, every year.


Union Bank Miles + Platinum Visa Card

If you’re not using your credit card for family purposes or shopping, then it’s undoubtedly for travel needs. And if that’s the case, I’d love you to know that in using this card, every Php25 you spend, is equal in rate to 1 point. In other words, if the cost of anything you spend on using this credit card is travel-related, in every Php25, you earn 1.5x pts.

Now the best part is, you can change or redeem these points into cash, or you can swap them for Cebu Pacific GetGo points or PAL Mabuhay Miles. If those options are still not convenient enough, these travel points can be exchanged in Unionbank’s official website.  And yet on the travel benefits that this card offers, is in the travel insurance coverage that it provides, which wraps up to Php10million.  The points made in this card don’t expire, instead, allocates you with free access into Philippine airport lounges such as Skyview Lounge, Club Manila Lounge, and MIASCOR Lounge.

So, decide on what your purpose is and choose the credit card that best suits that purpose.

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