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6 Best Credit Card For New Users / First-timers

There is always the first time for everything, and to help you we have created a list of some of the best credit cards in the Philippines for new users/first-timers. One thing about using a credit card as a Filipino is that, if you’re not careful, you could end up spending your way into everlasting debt.

Thus, when getting a pay-later card, it’s best you first kill your urge for impulse shopping and have the understanding that you have a long way to go in growing your credit profile. Okay, with that being said, what are the best credit cards for first-timers in the Philippines?

Best Credit Card: BDO Shopmore Mastercard

Unlike the Simplicity Visa Card, this BDO owned Pay-later Card, has a free advantage card, with which you can earn PESO points, up to 10,000 worth of rebates. In a nutshell, it is an ideal choice for a store and online shoppers.

Best Credit Card: Citi Simplicity+ Card (Citibank)

This platinum card is being owned by Citi Bank, one of the largest money lending in the Philippines. What’s good about it is that unlike most cards, it has no annual charges, no late settlement of debt fees, and no over-limit charges. The only difference is in its 10% interest rate, which is a bit different from the rest.

Best Credit Card: Metrobank Classic Card

Being known for its excellent rewardable interface, the Metrobank classic Card is chip and contactless Card, which does not require any pre-installment. It has a perfect reward system where you can earn one redeemable point from every P20 you make.

Best Credit Card: HSBC Red Mastercard

Of all the credit cards mentioned on this list, HSBC Red Mastercard is four times better in terms of reward point system all through transactions done locally and internationally. With it, you can get a 6% rebate on your 1st Caltex fuel price and 3% in total every year.

Best Credit Card: AUB Easy Mastercard

Like the Simplicity Visa Card, the AUB Mastercard has no annual fee. Plus, it is waived for life and has no interest fees on purchases. And it terms of flexibility; the Card is not to be found wanting as you can choose how many times you will be able to settle each month, and how much you will settle exactly.

Best Credit Card: RCBC Bankard Classic Pay-later Card

With RCBC, you’re entitled to flexible rewards points from all your purchases, budgeting tools that give you cash empowerment and control, and a secure means of shopping online that can convert purchases and balances made from the Card into installments.

In summary, these credit cards are best suitable for first-timers because of their flexibility and fair limit. However, always ensure to check your loan statement from time to time, so you won’t end up spending above your limit.

You can visit our best credit card listings page to get more details on these credit cards.

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