Top 10 financial insights for students and your professionals

Let’s directly dive into the top things you should look for from a financial planning or management perspective for students or young professionals

1. Start saving early. The sooner you start saving, the more time your money has to grow.

2. Invest in yourself. Investing in your education and career can pay off in higher earnings and job satisfaction.

3. Live below your means. Spending less than you earn is a key to financial success.

4. Have a plan. A budget and financial goals can help you make smart decisions about your money.

5. Invest for the long term. Over time, stocks and other investments have the potential to generate higher returns than savings accounts or bonds.

6. Diversify your investments. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A mix of investments can help you manage risk.

7. Be prepared for emergencies. Everyone should have an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.

8. Understand your taxes. Knowing how taxes work can help you maximize your deductions and minimize your tax bill.

9. Invest in your health. Taking care of your health today can help you avoid costly medical bills down the road.

10. Get professional help. A financial advisor can offer guidance and expertise to help you reach your financial goals.

Metrobank Direct Online Banking Login

Metrobank Direct Online Banking – A quick guide!

Metrobank, one of the Philippines’ most prominent banks, prides itself on its innovative banking services, and the culmination of this is Metrobank Direct, an online banking provision for all Metrobank account holders to enjoy.

Online banking has the advantage of being convenient and fast. So, if you have a Metrobank account and wish to enjoy online transactions, here’s all the information that you need to help you optimize your Metrobank Direct online banking experience.

Enrolling for Metrobank Direct

As stated in the FAQs on the Metrobank website, all individual customers who have deposit accounts (in peso or foreign currencies) or a Metrobank credit card qualify for Metrobank direct online banking.

However, the only option provided on the enrollment page is the ATM card, meaning that you will not be able to register if you don’t have an ATM card for your account. In such a case, you will have to visit a nearby branch and enroll Metrobank Direct for your deposit account without an ATM.

Metrobank Direct Online Banking Enrollment

What’s the enrollment process like?

In comparison with BPI and BDO, Metrobank offers the most stress-free online banking enrollment. You can go through the entire Metrobank Direct enrollment in a single sitting, and there’s no need to visit an ATM for activation, unlike BPI and BDO.

For activation, you simply need to put the one-time password (OTP), which will be sent to the mobile number that you register with, into the activation link emailed to you. The bank will inform you when it approves your enrollment, and then you can move to the Metrobank Direct login page.


Enrollment problems you may encounter

Here are some issues you may run into during your Metrobank Direct enrollment process.

1. Breach in security?

Strange as it may seem, Metrobank requires you to provide your ATM PIN while enrolling. Isn’t that supposed to be confidential? Yes, it is. Yet, this is Metrobank’s requirement for some reason. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then you cannot go through with the registration.

The bank does not explain why it requires clients to provide their ATM PINs. Nonetheless, it provides an on-screen keyboard for entering the PIN, which is relatively safer than using a physical keyboard and lowers the risk of hacking.

2. Errors during activation

There is a limited time of 20 minutes for completing the Metrobank Direct online registration, beginning immediately you click on the activation link. If you don’t work within that time, a “session expired” message will come up. At this point, you’ll have to do it all over from scratch. You may also receive an “invalid temporary password” message when you enter an incorrect OTP.

Metrobank Direct Demo Page

A key feature provided by Metrobank Direct is the demo page. This gives you a virtual tour of the whole system. Whether you have an account or not, you can explore the demo page to gain a better idea of how the Metrobank Direct service operates.

Major features and options available on Metrobank Direct

Metrobank Direct allows you the ease of managing your account, paying bills, trading stocks, paying taxes, and lots more. Metrobank Direct online banking services may not be as far-reaching and diverse as other banks, but it compensates for this with its amazingly functional features.

1. Managing your account summary and statements

There’s a window to show you how all your accounts are faring and all your balances. You can also conveniently get a rundown of your transaction history for a selected duration, apply for a Metrobank credit card, or orders a new checkbook on Metrobank Direct.


2. Transferring funds

Metrobank Direct allows you to transfer funds to third-party or personal accounts, whether they are registered with Metrobank Direct or not. Prescheduling transfers for up to three months or scheduling them to be paid repeatedly for up to three years are also possible.

Metrobank direct fund transfer fees

3. Paying bills

Metrobank Direct allows you to pay your bills – such as water, power, credit card, and mobile carrier bills – online, like most other Philippine online banking facilities. What distinguishes Metrobank Direct is that you don’t need to monitor any due dates. You can select a one-time bill payment pre-scheduled up to three months ahead or schedule payments to recur over three years.

4. Personalizing your account

Users can customize their homepages for quick access to their most-used services. For instance, if your most frequent use of Metrobank Direct is bill payment, the ‘Pay Bills’ page can be set up as your homepage to make bill payment faster for you.

Metrobank Direct Online Banking Home Quick Access Page

5. Opening new accounts

You also get to open a new Metrobank account right on your dashboard and make an initial deposit from your existing account. All that would be left is to get a proof of deposit from your branch for the transaction to be complete.

6. Paying taxes

You no longer need to queue up at any office to get your taxes paid. Once you enroll your tax invoice number (TIN), you can begin to pay your taxes online with Metrobank Direct.

7. Trading stocks

You can invest in stocks using the First Metro Securities program. Sign up any of your accounts via ‘Manage Accounts’, and download, fill and submit the required forms at your Metrobank branch.

Online security on Metrobank Direct

To ensure the safety of sensitive information, Metrobank has put several technologically sound security features in place. Here are some of the key security details provided for Metrobank Direct:

1. Encrypted transactions

Metrobank Direct encrypts every online transaction with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is one of the strongest fortifications for protection against unapproved access to your personal information.

2. Notifications and alerts

You get email or SMS notifications every time requests or transactions are made from your Metrobank Direct account. This enables you to respond immediately if you were not responsible for the transaction. You can also personalize your alerts according to the service you require so as not to miss anything concerning your account or money.

3. User verification

In addition to passwords, your Metrobank Direct account is secured with a challenge-response authentication method and Verisign digital certificates for verification of user identity.

4. Programmed logout

When your Metrobank Direct personal page stays inactive for up to 20 minutes, your account will be logged out automatically to avert unauthorized access.

Bottom line

Although there are security risks associated with online banking, especially in the Philippines, Metrobank Direct is definitely a convenient and fast way to transact online and manage your account on the go.